Ramaze works with any ORM and database toolkit. Sequel, Datamapper or M4DBI; the choice is all yours. If there is a database toolkit that somehow doesn't work feel free to report an issue and it will be fixed.

Template Engines

There are a lot of template engines available for Ruby. Tenjin, Liquid, ERB and so on. Just like ORMs Ramaze has support for a wide range of template engines and if your engine isn't supported it's very easy to create an adapter for it.


Ramaze can run on MRI, 1.9, Rubinus and JRuby. Odds are that if your Ruby installation works in a similar way such as MRI and 1.9 it will be able to run Ramaze.


Thin, Unicorn or Passenger, as long as your webserver/adapter supports Rack it will be able to run Ramaze just fine. Ramaze also comes with WEBRick to make the development process even easier.